Australian artist and performer Mikey Votano released his third single for 2020 via Believe Digital, an iconic Christmas cover. Mikey brings new life to Mariah’s iconic Christmas track, All I Want for Christmas is You, with his own unique vintage rock ’n’ roll stylings and the addition of a huge 14 piece horn section. Mikey spoke with The Fountain about his altered cover of this track and his hopes for 2021.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like to your cover of All I Want for Christmas Is You

It’s been out just a few days so far & the response has been incredible.  Probably the most exciting part is that it’s getting a heap of love from both those who adore the original & those who’ve never really been a fan of the track.  I put a lot into bringing something new to each cover I do & it’s amazing to see it enjoyed by so many. 

TF: How do you make it different to the well-known Mariah Carey Christmas track?

The style of the piece has changed to a vintage rock ’n’ roll kind of feel.  In doing so a few of the chords have changed allowing the melody to move in slightly different directions.  The bridge, or middle section, has probably had the most changes with a lot of different ideas jumping around from a half-time feel to massive gospel hits.  It’s also been arranged for a 20-piece band including a huge 14-piece horn section which brings some swinging christmassy big band vibes to the whole track.

TF: What is your plan for 2021, after this release?

It’s hard to make too much of a plan moving forward in the current climate but ultimately I’m hopping there’ll be chance to get back out on the road again.  Live gigs, with real people, in venues across the globe, it would be great to be back doing what I love & hopefully at some point during 2021 it’ll be safe to do so again.    

TF: Where would you ideally want to perform this Christmas if you could choose any venue?

There’s so many great Christmas concerts that are held the world over but whilst back home, here in Sydney, Australia, we have a great Carols in the Domain concert which would be incredible to share this particular track with so many.