It is with a deep regret to write that one of our most devoted writers, and avid supporter of the Scottish music community, David Ferguson, has passed away very suddenly. Having last heard from him, with a zealous review as always, it comes as a great shock to so many of us to find out about this profoundly saddened passing. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

David first encountered The Fountain whilst we were preparing for our first birthday celebrations in the since closed Hendersons , having heard through the grapevine that Hamish Hawk, his friend and musician he admired, was performing at this affair. Receiving the most polite request for an invite to this, I obviously said yes, and the rest was history when it came to David’s relationship with us. Off the back of this event he inquired if he could write and review for the publication, undoubtedly music, to which we said yes. Through this, we found a genuinely supportive and enthusiastic celebrant of Scottish music, most notable the folk scene. It certainly didn’t take long to get a sense of David’s taste, as he was loyal to the music he enjoyed, and would often review the same musicians. Amy Duncan, Blue Rose Code, Siobhan Wilson, Hamish and Kim Edgar, along with This Is The Kit and Karine Polwart all became familiar names to me through David’s love for their talent, and his faithful commitment to support.

His flair for writing shone through his enthusiasm for the subject and I rarely had to edit his work, and if you read it back now (search the artists above) you will get a sense of his joy of the song, a heartfelt love of the music. Often he would hear a record that he had bought and decide I need to review this, and share the greatness of the music with others, and this would apply to gigs too, where he would only reluctantly take a press pass. I think he was often found at the merch table after a gig too and in these more recent times would support many an online gig offering. Below are some memories and thoughts of David from those that he would offer much support:

“I’ve been most grateful for the encouragement and support that David Ferguson has shown to me over many years in my music career – and I know that I’m one of countless artists in the Scottish music scene who have benefitted hugely from his passion and enthusiasm for music, from his support at live gigs and his beautifully written reviews, and above all that, fundamentally, from his kindness, consideration and generosity. David will be fondly remembered by many, including myself, and sorely missed. Our thoughts are with his family and closest friends at this difficult time. “ – Kim Edgar

“He was such a great music lover, and wrote a thoughtful and eloquent review for our Welcome Strangers album. But more importantly than that I couldn’t tell you how many gigs of ours he attended, bought all our merch and interacted so kindly and enthusiastically on social media every time we had news. He supported us for many years, dating back at least a decade to our solos projects when Rob and I were starting out as songwriters in Edinburgh. And that was just with us, you could see he had a huge appetite for live music and such a passion for attending gigs, that I’m sure there are many gig goers and well as bands like us who will miss his face, and his gleeful smile, in the crowd. This extended to recent times, where he was often posting about attending online concerts and really supporting the music community through this in the best way. We didn’t know him more than to say hi at gigs and online, but we were all very sad to hear the news, and it just shows you how people you only know a little can have such a positive impact on your life, I think he was a real gem.” – Emily Scott, Modern Studies

I first met David in 2013 at my ‘Cycles of Life’ album launch. He has been one of the biggest supporters of my music ever since then, and was a massive support to so many self releasing musicians, writing reviews, buying CDs, going to gigs and sharing music online. He was always so enthusiastic at gigs and so warm and kind as a person. I feel like he truly valued my music and he was a very familiar face at gigs. I am so sorry that we won’t ever see him again, but he leaves with us such a strong memory of kindness and support, perhaps the most important thing we can ever give to another person. Sending love and strength to his family. – Amy Duncan

“David also belongs to the gig family of Stewart, Michael, Alan and a few others who we often see together at Scottish shows and really hope to see again at a live show after all this Covid stuff is over. I have a very clear image of David being in the audience at several of my shows over the years, which brings a tear to my eye. Although I’m deeply saddened remembering very fondly the consistent kindness, friendship and encouragement received from him, I’m very happy to have known him. Our music community has lost a pillar of support but perhaps we realise through this just how important we are to each other, and how different the new world might look when it comes back, to the older one. David will be very dearly missed by many people and I hope he knew just how much he was loved and appreciated by the artist community.” – Siobhan Wilson