Olive Grove Records recently hit the 10, mark and to celebrate the landmark, have released a compilation of tracks. Get Into The Grove showcases the music that the label have putting out over these years including that of Martin John Henry (De Rosa) and Gillian Fleetwood AKA Henry & Fleetwood. With Little Light on the compilation, both Gill and Martin spoke with The Fountain about their history with Olive Grove as well as their hopes for 2021.

TF: What is your affiliation with Olive Grove Records?

Martin: My first Olive Grove release was the Henry & Fleetwood On The Forest Floor EP in 2015. We released the Archipelago 6 EP on the label earlier this year. Gillian had been releasing music on Olive Grove with State Broadcasters for longer and introduced me to the label.

Gill: Yes – I had been releasing music with Olive Grove via State Broadcasters, who are also on the new compilation, so it seemed logical that he might like the Henry and Fleetwood music we were making. I knew Lloyd had also been into Martin’s band De Rosa so it all seemed like a logical fit.

TF: Quite an anniversary, ten years, how are you celebrating?

Martin: We’ve contributed the song Little Light to the 10th anniversary compilation. I’ll be enjoying listening to the whole thing with a wee eggnog this Christmas.

Gill: I am planning a celebratory hang-glide adventure. Cos that’s covid-safe isn’t it? As long as I don’t leave my council area… You’ll probably spot me hang-gliding in Queen’s Park any day now.

TF: What is your plan for 2021, after this release?

Martin: Our last EP was launched in March 2020 so the promotion of it was upended by the pandemic. It’d really like to do a soft re-release with some live performances to give it the push it deserves. I’m really proud of it.

Gill: Aye, it feels like we really had the wind knocked out of our sails this year, I’m proud of the EP too, and no-one could have foreseen how far reaching or how drawn out the disruption was all going to be so we’ll get back to that when we can.

TF: What are your hopes for the years to come for Olive Grove?

Martin: In Lloyd all the Olive Grove artists have an energetic, passionate and hard working label manager on their side, doing the best he can for them. That’s not something that all bands can say about their labels. I hope that his dedication and hard work allows Olive Grove to continue to grow and support more great artists.

Get Into The Grove is available now, via Olive Grove Records