Hayley Ross has returned with a new EP, Moving All Around. Comprising the title-track, plus two previously-unreleased songs, the EP sees Hayley trading her dreamy south-coast trademarks for a darker, rootsier palette of sounds. The collection was released via Barracuda recordings on 9th November 2020. Hayley spoke with The Fountain about the reception it has received as well as her move to Americana.

TF: You have a new EP out, what has the reception been like to Moving All Around?

So far so good! It’s just come out today & it’s had a really good reception with some great reviews already so that’s really encouraging! 

TF: How would you sum up the record in one sentence?

The songs on the EP were written around the same time as the album The Weight of Hope but somehow stood on their own… The record is tinged with an Americana influenced feel with a stripped back acoustic number on there for good measure!

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release?

I’ll be releasing some filmed footage of an album playback we recorded at the tail end of October. During this whole lockdown, venues, crew and musicians have been hit really hard with their industry virtually disappearing over night so we managed to get a top crew together for the filming… Everyone was just so glad to be doing something like their normal life! So that’ll be coming out on You Tube soon up until the end of the year. Not being able to play live we just wanted to do it to mark 2020, the year that the album came out. I’m also sketching new tracks at home, in the studio and working on possible collaborations and collecting footage for new video projects!

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging?

Anywhere at the moment! I’ve played in some great venues in London, Brighton and Ireland. One of the last gigs we did before lockdown was at a really intimate venue called The Green Note in Camden, lovely room and audience…but really I’d just love to book a tour up and down the country, to go further afield, back on the live scene, back doing what I love doing!