Knowing Harriet Mould for the wonderful work she does with the Lyceum, I had noted during lockdown that in her spare time she creates wonderful art pieces on a commission basis. These beguiling caricatures have a hint of the fun but also pathos about them, which have a stunning quality to the them and so The Fountain caught up with Harriet to discuss her art, which was recently mentioned on BBC6 Music.

TF: We know you through your work with the Lyceum, but you recently got a shout out on BBC 6 for your art, do tell us more?

Yeah, that was mad! Maryanne Hobbs did a show celebrating artists in lockdown, so I sent a few of my paintings in. I’d done a commission of Matt Berninger, the singer from The National, and sent photos of that along with a couple of other pieces, then got a shout out on the show, which was cool. But what was really lovely and unexpected was a few weeks later when, after playing a track by The National, she brought them up again as having made an impact on her, which was wild. My day job is at The Lyceum doing press and publicity, so it was surreal having ten seconds in the spotlight, myself.


TF: How long have you been painting for, is it a hobby you took further during lockdown? 

I’ve been painting and drawing for years, selling the odd portrait here and there, but things really kicked up a gear during lockdown. I created an Instagram account to post some of the paintings I’d done for fun during furlough and soon after had a flurry of commissions – things quite quickly snowballed from there. I’ve been so fortunate. I paint and draw for the sheer joy of it, and find a lot of calm in creating these symmetrical, funny faces, so having others support the thing that makes me happiest – especially during such a fraught time – is a bit of a dream come true, really.

TF: It seems like you are very busy with commissions, what are you working on just now? 

I am! I’m working on a huge portrait for a playwright of one of his most recent productions, two triptychs (one of a lady and her beautiful children, all with animals, and one of three famous philosophers), a couple of family portraits, and a bespoke image for a magazine I’m a huge fan of, which is exciting. So I’m busy in the best possible way. 

TF: And what have you got lined up for throughout the year, is there a way that customers can commission you?

Apart from commissions, I’ve had my first round of prints made and sold (a hell of a learning curve), am having a website made, and have a couple of interviews coming up. I should also be starting to sell my work in a beautiful shop in Leith (watch this space) and have an exhibition in February – Covid-allowing, of course. Absolutely – folk can commission me by getting in touch via email ([email protected]) or on my Instagram, @HarryIsntHome. I’m always keen for a chat and a challenge!