Bringing fairy-tales to life, Scottish artist and broadcaster, Lachlan Goudie, has a collection of new works at The Scottish Gallery, inspired by places that are, or least may have recently felt far far away. As we have all ‘tumbled through the looking glass’ into a surreal world of lockdown and anxiety, Goudie has escaped into the art of his imagination, inspired by the nightly ritual of reading fairy tales to his young daughter and her determination to inhabit the idyllic land of make-believe. He spoke with The Fountain about the exhibition in more depth as well as the book he will be promoting the latter part of the year.

TF: You have an exhibition at the Scottish Gallery, can you tell us more about Once Upon A Time?

The exhibition is comprised of works inspired by fairy tales; still lifes of flowers and arrangements of objects designed to make you daydream; seascapes and landscapes depicting places you might wish to escape to.

TF: How would you sell it in one sentence?

An exhibition designed to help you escape the unrelenting bad news of 2020 by slipping into a parallel world of folk tales, dreamscapes, sunshine and beauty.

TF: What inspired you to create this exhibition, can you tell us?

Whilst locked down with my family in the Dorset countryside I painted the surrounding landscape, watching as the year turned from late winter, to spring and early summer. During those months my three year-old daughter became obsessed with fairy tales. She required me to read and re-read storybooks filled with princes, princesses, sorcerers, and magical forests. Slowly this world of enchantment permeated my own imagination so that by day I began to look at the surrounding landscape through the prism of those fairy tales.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this?

My new book The Story of Scottish Art has recently been published. I will be promoting the book through various online talks and literary events. I’m developing some new projects for television and we hope to do another Life Drawing Live programme for the BBC at some point in the new year. However, it’s the studio that’s the focus of my attention and there’s plenty to keep me busy at the easel!

Photo courtesy of Paul Stewart

For more information or to virtually view the collection click here