Austra (Katie Austra Stelmanis) is pleased to share a newIndia Jordan  remix of Risk It, the song that launched HiRUDiN earlier this year. Jordan adds their trademark joyful piano stabs whilst looping Katie’s unmistakable vocals, managing to balance the tenderness of the lyrics with a rave-ready sentiment. Katie spoke with The Fountain about this album and remixes.

TF: Your album came out in May, I’ve read about the album title HiRUDiN been inspired by leeches. Can you tell me more about that and how it feels looking back 5 months after its release? Has the meaning behind it changed at all for you?

The world has obviously changed so much since HiRUDiN came out its almost impossible to remember what I was writing about when I think about it now, it feels like it all happened in a different universe. While writing the album I was using leeches as a metaphor for toxic relationships as that theme keeps returning throughout. However, the content is vague enough that I can apply the songs to new feelings and events, fortunately I’ll likely always have toxic relationships in my life in one form or another, I think our lives are essentially about balancing relationships with ourselves and with other people based on what we need at any particular moment.

TF: You’ve had a few remixes recently, including India Jordan. How do you choose remixers and do you have anyone you’d love to do a remix for?

I always have a huge list of remixers I want to work with and because of the pandemic a lot of my favourites were available who might have otherwise been too busy touring. I absolutely loved India Jordan’s recent album and was super excited when they agreed to do the remix. I’m hoping to get it on a vinyl one day along with a few of the other producers I got to work with. As for future remixers – I’d love to work with J Lin or Holly Herndon one day.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year?

Good question! I’ve been trying to stay motivated to work but I’m finding it really difficult without having any deadlines. Usually, I might have a month scheduled to write music between some touring or studio work, but having this big blank open canvas with no end in sight has proven to be really daunting. The one thing that keeps me sane is hearing from all my musician friends that they’ve found it just as difficult as I have to work throughout the pandemic – I’m grateful to know I’m not the only one. I’ve recently been researching different methods for productivity and am hoping over the next few months I’ll be able to get into a groove and take advantage of this time at home to make some new music.

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging when it is safe?

There are so many venues I love playing in and so many cities I love traveling to. I hope that when touring picks up again I’m able to play some places I’ve never been before – like China, and other East Asian countries I’ve never really toured.