Isle of Wight-based psych-pop outfit, As We Leave, are releasing their first EP with Abbey Records, Everything to a Point. Out mid-November, the band spoke with The Fountain about their previous EPs, the Isle of Wight music scene and their plans for the remainder of the year.

TF: Your debut Everything To A Point EP is set to drop on November 13th. How does it feel to be putting out your first collection of music? 

Well this isn’t actually our first collection… it is our debut on Abbey Records but we have released a previous EP and mini album on our own. Long Gone Lime EP and World In Reverse are both available on Bandcamp and Prison Records (our own mini-label), you should check them out. However, as far as Everything To A Point goes, we are very excited it is finally being released and that it has much more exposure than the other two, Were quietly proud of it but we just wish we could have toured it like any other release, the times being what they are… By the time we do get to play live shows we should have a serious back catalogue that we can pick from.

TF: How would you sum up the EP in one sentence? 

How do I sum up the EP in one sentence… mmm…. The intoxicating sound of nostalgia mixed with melancholia and wistful musings on the past and the contradictions of the future.

TF: How did you all first meet and how long have you been playing music together? 

Me, Kyle and Tom met at school many moons ago and we have made music pretty much ever since, not always together but definitely aiding and abetting. ‘As we leave’ started about 2014 when me and Kyle were travelling a lot and decided to do something different for ourselves. We realised.. ‘Hey, this is pretty good’ so we got Tom involved and then Kit (who went to a different school but we have known all the while) and behold… four good friends who love making music together.

TF: What’s the music scene like for bands starting out on the Isle Of Wight?

The scene on the isle of Wight has always been pretty good. It’s got a bit of a legacy for music and musicians so it is a very comfortable place if you’re a creative soul. No one I know follows trends or current fashions like they do in the capital and because were an Island were kind of left alone to stew in our own musical juices and it’s much more liberating and interesting because we don’t wear skinny jeans, have foppish, trendy haircuts and follow current formulas and templates to get seen, we are who we are, we do what we do and we are not altering that to sell a few records and seek fame. We have some real emerging talent here and in a non-covid world it would be ripe for taking the whole scene on a UK tour. Bands like our good friends Kat Fight, Champs, and Fat Earthers, as well as ourselves are all making exciting new music in a variety of genres but good people always find good people and I hope you get to see it all for yourselves in the future… maybe next year at the festival or if I can persuade the powers that be … ‘The Isle of Wight scene’ on tour 2021!

TF: Which artists have influenced the music on the Everything To A Point?

We are influenced by many bands and artists, in fact this is always a difficult question to answer. I suppose it comes in two different circumstances. The first is the music that is always with us, influences how, why and what you write (artists like Tom Waits, Gomez, The Las, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Radiohead, Springsteen etc.) and then secondly, influences on how those songs are recorded (Beach House, Beck, Air, The Beatles, Beefheart, James Brown, Wilco etc.). Each feeds the other and they are not exclusive to those roles either, I mean I love a Beatles esq melody recorded in that souly/Motown vibe….anything and everything is possible because we love music.

TF: What’s next for As We Leave? Are there any more releases scheduled for the future?

Well, we have been doing some videos for this EP and that has been fun but quietly, with the backdrop of lock-down and face thongs, we have been writing and recording the next material. We are really excited by it. This time, it feels a bit more rounded and mature and were getting to the point where we hope to be mixing it with the Boeweaver boys by Christmas, hopefully, release sometime in spring next year… and if the Gods are in humanities favour, we definitely want to be touring it and hitting the festivals.

Photo courtesy of Tom Flowers

Everything to a Point is out on 13th November, via Abbey Records.