American musician, songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist Kurt Baker is giving fans another taste of music off his upcoming solo album After Party which was recently released set via Wicked Cool Records. He has released new track I Like Her A Lot, which he discusses in more depth with The Fountain below.

TF: You have a single out, what has the reception been like? 

The reception has been great for the single Over You. A lot of people have been personally writing to me to tell me how much they enjoy it, and that means a lot. My buddy even wrote to me to say that SCORPIONS should do a cover of the song, which is kinda rad… not that they would ever do that, but it’s great to hear what people think of the song.. and I guess because of the opening riff of the tune it reminded my buddy of SCORPIONS, which is a great compliment because I LOVE that band. Other folks have been comparing the track to Joe Jackson meets The Cars, which is also pretty great, because sound-wise, we were very influenced by both acts when we were writing and recording the song. People have also loved the music video too! I’m really happy that the response has been so great! It’s a good sign..I hope people enjoy the rest of the album too! 

TF: How would you sum up I Like Her A Lot in one sentence?

A fun rockin’ pop song about being in love with a girl that likes funny movies and drinks a lot of martinis on Monday night at a really cool bar located in Portland, Maine called Amigos a.k.a Cafe Friends. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release?

The new album After Party comes out on Oct.23.. for the moment, I hope I can do some social distanced acoustic in-store performances around Madrid, maybe also at a couple of restaurant bars that offer acoustic shows… it’s pretty difficult to play live right now in Madrid, since it’s a hot spot for COVID.. but for sure I’ll be cooking up some online appearances as well around the release of the album and for the rest of the year. Eventually, I’d love to get out on the road with the full band when it’s possible to tour again. We all gotta wear our masks, wash our hands and stay positive for this! 

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging? 

I used to love playing at this venue called Fun House Music Bar in Madrid.. it was a wild and crazy venue. Another great venue that I love in Madrid is called The Wurlitzer Ballroom. A real classic. Some amazing shows there, especially the ones I’ve played on New Years Eve. Also, I love a venue called Nebula which is in Pamplona, Spain. It’s just a tiny little basement venue, but it’s always a wonderful time.. hot sweaty rock n roll party with beer flying everywhere and lots of fun to be had. Spain, in general, has amazing concert venues.. and I really hope that they can survive the Covid pandemic and keep their doors open for when we get over this. It’s gonna be a great time to finally play concerts again. 

After Party is out now, via Wicked Cool Records