Adam Stafford, recently released not only new single, Erotic Thistle but also the track which shares the name as the LP that the single is on, Diamonds of a Horse Famine. The title which came from a mishearing of Partick Thistle FC, rubbishes the sexualised fetish of national identity, which Adam discusses with The Fountain below.

TF: You recently released Erotic Thistle. How was it received?

Kanye slid into my DMs with the sound of a child going too fast around the corner of a newly polished supermarket floor. He said, “That line about the dildo deathmask is dope, can I borrow it for the next record?” I had to turn him down though on account of all the Trump bootlicking. 

TF: What inspired the title? I presume it’s been commented on a lot.

I misheard someone talking about Partick Thistle football club and heard Erotic Thistle and then I wondered what that might look like. In August in Edinburgh the Festival sometimes eroticises Scottishness with females on posters and in PR and I just find the whole sexualizing of national identity fairly absurd. 

TF: Your new LP is coming out later this autumn. What is your plan for the remainder of the year? 

Mainly to avoid people and try and dodge the virus. I’m in the middle of mixing another LP with my regular producer Robbie Lesiuk. We’re doing it remotely via a tantric fog.

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live? Where is the place you most look forward to gigging at next?

I miss The Glad Cafè in Glasgow’s Southside and Summerhall. The last gig I played was at The Royal Concert hall in Glasgow, so I’d like the next gig coming out of lockdown to be there too. They had impaled flying lizards on the rider and a black and white copy of Hellraiser 2 on VHS in the green room. 

Photo courtesy of Gylla Stafford

Both Erotic Thistle and Diamond of a Horse Famine are out now, via Song, By Toad Records