Matt Gibbons is an Irish-American singer-songwriter who publishes with CDBaby. Matt began to promote himself seriously in August 2020, finding that the theme of his song We Should Be United was of national importance. Matt spoke with The Fountain about this new track and his love for Scotland, mostly.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like to We Should Be United?

Hey there! First, let me say how glad I am to be interviewing for a publication in Scotland! Yes! When are you inviting me over to play?

The song We Should Be United has earned a lot of feedback. Many people love it, and some thanked me for writing it. Those are usually my favourite, because I meant for the song to uplift people. It’s also been called “immoral,” which has me scratching my head. The basic message is we’re all human, so let’s focus on our common humanity rather than our differences, and that sticking together benefits us. Most people comment about the message, but some also talk about the sound too! “Funky!” has been my favourite comment! That was my HVAC buddy, Vin. You can read a lot of the comments that were made on Facebook. The video is posted there and on YouTube. I hope you love it!

TF: Can you sum up the track in a sentence?

Do I get to use conjunctions? Okay. Here goes: “It’s a moderate-tempo alternative rock tune that walks in and out of reggae and rap seamlessly, carrying a wish that people remember to be good to each other in these politically rife times.” Woo-hoo! How was that? I was a lit. major, baby!

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release?

I’m going to keep the momentum going. I’m writing songs, and I’m going to publish one to all major streaming sites that’s titled The Secret. I’m talking to Hari Kapoor about making a video for it now. I wish we could film it in Scotland! I’d love to have some of your country’s seascapes in the video. The song has a mariner’s theme in its imagery. In all fairness the north east of the United States is beautiful, too, along its coast.

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging?

Ah…my favourite venue is actually a nursing home that I play in. It puts me in a great emotional place for singing. The heart is a singer’s greatest attribute. I think about the elderly a lot. It’s tough to see them in nursing homes. I love to see music move them. And it’s also a very small intimate setting…No amplifier needed, usually. I don’t have any gigs planned, unfortunately, due to COVID-19, yet I want to take a three-week vacation to Scotland and Ireland and play at fifteen pubs. I have no idea which ones, but it’s a dream to take my family there and do that.

Photo courtesy of Julio Bedoya