Latenight Honeymoon have been busy since we went into lockdown six months ago. Not only do they have an EP coming out (Pt. II), with one out already, but there is an album with a limited edition vinyl run due for November. Codependency B.S.T (Pt I) is out already so The Fountain caught up with the band about their plans and new EP.

TF: You have a new EP out, what has the reception been like? 

After two years of being a live band with a couple of demos out, at the beginning of lockdown, we put out our first concrete music in the form of our Double AA singles. The response to the hope and joy embedded in those songs was outstanding. The EP is born out of a more abrasive edge… which is only natural considering it was written in complete isolation… In what feels like humanity’s darkest hour of the modern age. The EP is loaded with intensity. For me personally, I think this means there hasn’t been as much as an instant reaction to these songs.

However, they do have a longevity that makes a time capsule of a period in our lives that we managed to make some music we are extremely proud of… all be it, in the face of adversity.

This is a record made solely for the purpose of our sanity. With no live music to promote it, we are blown away that anyone would sit through this 20min journey during this period. The biggest thing for us is the support from Radio X pioneer John Kennedy. He is someone who has supported some of our favourite bands from inception. To have him play 2/4 tracks on the EP already means the absolute world to us.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

B.S.T: The Blood, Sweat & Tears of 2020’s not so great British Summertime.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this EP release?

So… with what felt like unlimited time to flesh out the plans for the music we were making during lockdown B.S.T [Codependency: Part i] is the first half of the Codependency: Complete LP. Part ii is called D.S.T… track 1/4 arrives Oct 23rd when the clocks change due to the winter solstice, which represents a lot spiritually for me personally. 

Aptly named When Do The Clocks Turn Back?, written around the same time period of Daylight Saving Time last year. We’ll then be staggering the whole release of the EP throughout November. 

All this means really is that by 2021 when REAL gigs (hopefully) start happening for us we’ll have 10 songs out that people who see us live will be able to go away and listen too. Oh yeah, we’ll be putting the whole [Codependency] LP to bed with a limited release of 300 Vinyls. We need to move on from this period for us musically as we put absolutely every ion of our being into it… Making it physical will mean we can move onto whatever music comes next. 

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging?

Jeez. Brighton Centre supporting Bloc Party last June was a trip. Still so surreal that a band of our size with only a couple of demos out was able to play Brighton’s biggest music venue. Our dressing room was adorned with pictures of the icons that have played there throughout the years… Elton John… Queen… Bob Marley… it was just insane to think we were about to stand in exactly the same position as all these heroes of ours… Delinquents like us… It’s gonna be hard to beat that…  That’s the goal though I guess. Massive shout out to Russel Lissack from Bloc Party that made that a reality for us. 

In terms of what gig we are looking forward to next… We’ll be doing everything in our power to put on a NYE London show to support the release of our single New Year’s Eve, Nonetheless and hopefully put this horrendous 2020 behind us. If this whole Covid thing allows us too. To be honest, by then there is 0 reason why you shouldn’t be able to put on a gig… right now the pubs are full to the brim without facemasks? Makes zero sense. Live Nation are planning amazing ways to do this safely and hopefully by then with some luck with the LP we’ll be able to put it on with a promoter that has done the necessary research into what a NYE party is going to look like. I’m not a scientist. I just want live music back before it’s gone forever. I don’t want to live in a world without it anyway. We should all be planning for NYE 2020. Until then just listen to what we are being told and work out the risk vs reward of what this all means for us as individuals over the coming months.