Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwritercomposer and producer. She has just released new track, Love Again, featuring D’Zhari, and showcases her soulful vocals. Deanna spoke with The Fountain about the track as well as her favourite venue to play live in.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like to Love Again

It just dropped the other day but so far everything has been positive!

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

The song offers a message of hope in the future of love after a break up. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release?

I have another single in the works with D.Lylez and I’m also focusing on composition projects…I’ll be scoring an upcoming documentary. 

TF: Where is your favourite venue for playing live, where is the next place you look most forward to gigging? 

I really like the venue Lincoln Hall in Chicago…but now with Covid gigging is on a long pause.