Synthwave duo, Affair, have dropped mysterious Clouds EP after eight years of anticipation for fans. After a nearly a decade spent dormant, the pair’s brand-new single, Higher Still picks up from where they left off. Kirsty and Mike spoke with The Fountain about their new music and why the comeback.

TF: You have a new EP out, what has the reception been like for Clouds?

A lot of people and press have reacted to it – lot more than we actually expected. And everyone’s been quite enthusiastic about it… we’ve been taken aback by the positive reviews and it makes it feel all worth it. 

TF: Affair first formed nearly ten years ago. Why have you chosen now to return?

We realised that we actually quite liked what we did and the chemistrywe had between us when we wrote. There is a hands-on back-to-basics approach in the way we work which gets reflected in the sound, and we both wanted to try it again taking our respective new influences on-board.

TF: Have your musical preferences changed at all in this space of time?

Kirsty: During lockdown I was listening more to artists like Jessy Lanza, Billie Eilish, Georgia. I moved away from the new wave punk influences and wanted to get inspired by artists who mix up a pop aesthetic with a very personal lyrical message.

Mike: I’ve been more into dance and urban music and have also been exploring all different new impersonations of electropop. Genres can be quite fluid but what’s remains constant is my love for melodies, daring production and well-crafted lyrics.

TF: How would you sum the EP up in one sentence? 

A let-go escape into a teenager’s dream that feels like a day trip on a hot summer day.

TF: Which artists have influenced the music on the EP?

The Cocteau twins, PJ Harvey, Mute records, Scandinavian artists like Bjork and The Knife and artists like Chromatics, Washed out and Young Galaxy.

TF: Do you have any more releases scheduled for the near future?

There will be a new EP out soon that is the sequel to Clouds which is quite different in sound and vibes. In the new year we will release some of the current material that we’ve been working on using a completely different approach based on our new influences and which we’re very excited to reveal!

Clouds is out now, find more information here