New track, Lucky Cat/Evergreen is a recent release from solo project, The Smart Set. The Smart Set is the solo project of man-of-many-bands Gareth Perrie (formerly of BMX Bandits and Randolph’s Leap, and currently of The Polychromes, Radiophonic Tuckshop and Lenzie Moss). Gareth spoke with The Fountain about the track and plans for the rest of the year.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like to Lucky Cat/Evergreen?

I’ve crunched the online numbers for both songs and for every one ‘dislike’ there have been 91 ‘likes’. That’s a ratio I’m comfortable working with! Seriously though, people have been lovely with their feedback.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

An optimistic balance of personal admiration, lust, heartache and humour with plenty of catchy melodies.

TF: Who do you look to and idolise when it comes to influences with this track?

Not so much the sound of the songs, but the approach to writing and releasing them was definitely influenced by The Avalanches and Kate Nash. I love the Avalanches albums but noticed more recently that they had started drip-feeding singles, which seemed a lot less daunting to me than writing a whole album in order to get something out there. I also wanted to have a go at making artwork and videos alongside the songwriting so taking this approach meant I could do all three in equal measure. The Kate Nash documentary Underestimate The Girl was really inspiring too. She suffered some setbacks, but found happiness in her music again when she just did what she wanted to do.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release?

Despite the answer I gave to your previous question I would quite like to put an album out before the end of the year, and perhaps figure out a way of playing the songs live when that’s a thing again.