Steve Dawson has recently released new album, Last Flight Out, which is a culmination of songs that have been written over the last few years. It comes as a surprise to him that the album resonates with people more due to the pandemic. Steve spoke with The Fountain about the record and his hopes for the rest of 2020.

TF: You have a new album out, what can we expect from Last Flight Out

There’s a quote by Tom Waits that goes, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.” I think the album falls into that category a bit. There is a fair amount of hope but the album is mostly a very lush, melodic song cycle filled with beautiful sounds – vibraphone, string quartet, vocal harmonies – and dark, troubling subject matter.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

Last Flight Out is a lush album that falls somewhere between folk music and jazz, brought alive by vibraphone, a string quartet and songs of longing, sorrow and the intention to be a better person.

TF: What has the reception been like to the album?

It has really exceeded my expectations. The reviews have been incredible and I am very grateful that people have found it moving, especially during this troubling time. The songs were written over the last few years and the album was recorded live in the studio in one day in May of 2019. I had no idea that it would resonate so well with what’s going on in the world with the pandemic, the isolation and the civil unrest. I have heard from people that they find the album to be very comforting, which is wonderful. Of course we haven’t been able to play the songs live which is a real shame because the musicians on the album are the best in Chicago, probably some of the best anywhere in the world. But we will eventually. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this release?

I’m working on a new album project that is just me playing all the parts and singing the songs. I have a home studio and I’ve been working on it for a couple of years. I have enough songs for a double album now. I hope to release it in 2021. For the rest of this year I’ll be finishing those recordings and mixing the album. I won’t be playing live much at all. We’ll see what happens in the fall but I don’t think live shows will be happening in the USA anytime soon. 

Last Flight Out by Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai Wedding is out now