Founded on February 14th, 1992, respected British label Hydrogen Dukebox have at last decided to reissue some of their classic catalogue. First in the works and 19 years since it was first released, is Metamatics’ Midnight Sun Pig which was reissued as a special double coloured-vinyl LP. Metamatics spoke with The Fountain about the re-release and plans for the remaining months of 2020.

TF: How has the process been different with this reissue than with the original release 19 years ago?

This time round I had already made it! Hydrogen rang me and said “this album should be reissued; it is fantastic and iconic”…. Made me listen again and hearing how kind of funk driven it is in places was great to hear, took me back to being surrounded by boxes and wires and keyboards I wish I had kept.. Other than that, it has been fun, love the artwork Studio Thomson did for it and it is way more fun to represent music in a new way like they do with books.

TF: How would you sum the album up in one sentence?

Electronically driven “pink pig” funk electro….. Ha!

TF: Where do you take your influences and inspiration from?

Same places as always, I have always loved electronic stuff and there are too many influences and loves to list, like all artists I like you have to love music and that love is the biggest of all inspirations isn’t it.

TF: You have an amazingly prolific discography and have released under variety of different aliases; do you have a favourite or one that is most memorable?

Depends what side of the bed I get out of….. Each moniker has a different persona and vibe and that is important, the ambient side, the funky side or the beautiful side.. They are all relevant and I don’t have. Favourite .. If I did I wouldn’t do it…

TF: What are you forthcoming plans for the rest of 2020?

Trying to focus and get on with stuff. Hydrogen Dukebox are doing more with me and of course I am releasing music, mine and others, on my own label, that is hectic sometimes but as I said before “music” makes me tick and it is what I do so if 2020 lets me make some more music and helps the world turn the then, great!! I’ll take that.