Donkey Sanctuary is an Edinburgh-based band, which comprises of Haggos, Peter (from the Bucky Rage) and Rick (from Ash). With clear Cramps head nods, their new single Kill Kill Daffodil is worth a listen. The band spoke with The Fountain very seriously about their processes, their single and their band politics.

TF: Where do you get your ideas from?

Haggos: I get mine from the local supermarket, but I always keep the receipt in case they turn out to be faulty.

Rick: We have a song title pool where we come up with the most inappropriate names then attempt to musically apologise for those titles in a really insincere way. 

TF: Who is the leader of the band?

Haggos: Otzi the Ice-man, but he hasn’t turned up to the last few rehearsals.

Rick: Hagos is our Dominic Cummings. Pete is our Boris Johnson. I guess that makes me Michael fr/*?king Gove.

TF: How do you write your songs?

99% live, the other 1% in the local supermarket.

Rick: Divine inspiration on our part. Perspiration is entirely on the listener. 

TF: Are you planning to do any live shows?

Yes. We’re waiting for the phase of lockdown restrictions that allows 10 people into a gig and none to leave.

Rick: I’d love to do a gig as a corporate team building exercise. With all escape routes barred. Have you heard of the Japanese game show called Endurance? It would be the musical equivalent of that. Or waterboarding. Please pass this on to the CIA.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like to Kill Kill Daffodil?

Pete: The reception to Kill Kill Daffodil has been lavish. People came from all over the parish to watch the video on Easter Sunday. There was just on the grass and hope in the air and we had fried rice in our hair. Since then life hasn’t been the same. You can throw a sausage down a close but why lead a donkey to the slaughter?

TF: And there has been a recent remix I see, have you worked with Grimalkin555? 

Peter: We are very lucky because Grimalkin 555 is the very talented artist Sarah Glass operating from Kovorox Records and the Fnords kindly accepted the challenge and we are lucky lads. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release?

The project is mostly improvised electronic jazz and this one turned out to be a pop song. We’re planning to take the rest of the year off and hopefully a lot of the next one too. If there is a next one. We have over 70 hours of music recorded and a lot of it can be heard on our on out band camp.