Foreignfox have just dropped new single, Exit Frame, which is the result of time spent pre-lockdown in the studio. Jonny Watt from the band spoke with The Fountain about their plans for releases in 2020 as well as the books and music that influence their music.

TF: You have announced a new single out, what has the reception been like to Exit Frame?

Before lockdown, we were spending a lot of time in the studio to focus on new music, and now this will be the very first fruit of that labour. It feels like an entire new chapter for the band in terms of our music. The reception to the track so far has been great from those with a preview, it’s really decent to see so many who have followed us for a while still really care for our music. 

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence? 

Foreignfox, now with even more sauce.

TF: Who do you look to and idolise when it comes to influences? 

Lyrically I really look up to artists like David Bazan, Andy Hull, Phoebe Bridgers, Scott Hutchison, Adrianne Lenker, Mitski, anyone who reaches down and rips up their soul for the sake of a song. The dark, dry humour of Stephin Merrit and his capacity, for what it seems, to be able to write about anything as if it were a tragedy wrapped in a long form joke.

Authors Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh provided me in my formative years with a visceral and direct understanding of the sides of us we try to suppress. I also keep a book of Sylvia Plath poetry on my bed side table for when I decide to dive right in the deep end.

For expansive soundscapes and spine-tingling melody I love bands like Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Lanterns on the Lake, Explosions in the Sky and all that kind of stuff. But saying that, there are artists across different genres I really look up to for their intensity – take Dave’s album Psychodrama for example.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release, can we look forward to an EP, LP?

We have some rescheduled shows for the end of this year. Quarantine’s put a pin in most of our plans for this year, however we’ll be putting out a string of singles an EP and possibly something else if we can fit it all in. We want to get as much of our music out there as we can under the circumstances. First thing we’ll probably do when lockdowns over will be a trip to the studio to finish off more tracks. We’re currently working with various other talented people to put together some really interesting things. But yes, there is a physical release planned!