Inspired by that unstoppable feeling of being young and foolish, Deep City have released new single, Joyride. Deep City are an Indie/Electronic/ Alternative Pop band hailing from Cambridgeshire, inspired by post-rock trailblazers Radiohead to Everything Everything. The Fountain caught up with them to chat about the new single and forthcoming plans.

TF: You have a new single out, what inspired you to title it Joyride?

It was titled after a certain event which we could say is the epitome of being young and naive.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence? 

Groove laden synth pop for the dancefloor.

TF: Who do you look to and idolise when it comes to influences? 

We have too many influences to list really! I’d say collectively as a band we idolise Prince for his diversness of music, Toro y Moi for his use of synth and autotune, The 1975 for their diverse range of influences.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release, can we look forward to an EP, LP?

We’re most likely going to release another single, after that its hopefully going to be another EP. We would ideally as a band would like to release a set of solid EPs before thinking about an album.