London-based band Seven Spies have just released debut track, Chameleon, which narrates the life’s pressures. It is mastered by John Davis, who is known for his work with The Killers, Lana del Rey, Royal Blood, Lewis Capaldi, Gorillaz. Seven Spies spoke with The Fountain about the track in more depth and their plans for the year.

TF: You have a new single out, what inspired you to title it Chameleon?

The song is about how we as people adapt to each situation we are put in, often feel we have to act a certain way in certain situations, due to social pressures etc or find ourselves behaving in a certain way as part of a particular group of friends or club, anything like that. I think we often have a guard up, like a chameleon changing colour, we try and fit in as effortlessly as possible and give as little away to the outside world as we can. So that’s where the line, ” like a chameleon, always fitting in’ comes from like a made up metaphor. So once that line was in the song, why wouldn’t you call it Chameleon, asides from it sting what the song is about, those little lizards are just damn cool!

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence? 

Big bouncy ballistic rock music, worming its way into your head like a sinister jingle. Can’t really think of a serious way to sum it up, so I guess that kinda gives the general idea haha.

TF: Where did the name Seven Spies originate from? 

David says, I got some advice from a friend years ago about picking band names that it should always have some connection to the artist personally and I liked that as you are then invested in the name. I’m pretty obsessed with James Bond music and songs and there’s always little inspirations from them popping up in my writing so Seven Spies is a little play on the 007 and spy.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release, can we look forward to an EP, LP?

Musically the plan is to get another couple of singles and an EP out and hopefully build up a nice fan base so we can look at and album next year. Apart from that like everyone else at the moment is just stay inside stay safe and hope Covid- 19 disappears quicker than it arrived. Hopefully there will be a good part of the year left to get out and start playing shows again.