Delving into the history of human interaction and its failings, Warm Digits explore how ideas and theories can live on as received wisdom long beyond their expiry date. Digging up unusual aspects of history and long-neglected psychological research, they encountered so much that has relativity. Flight of Ideas, album title is very much influenced by the band’s finds. Defined as “a rapid shifting of ideas with only superficial associative connections between them, the album has a relevance to our current information landscape that barely requires a mention. 

With a constantly evolving world with what feels like an oft-contrived truth, it’s not difficult to foresee our lives veering in a chaotic fashion. This is what Warm Digits explore with some of their tracks. With titles such as do we Feel The Panic or Shake The Wheels Off? there is an urgency and contemporary vibe with this LP, in fact, tiemly with these present times. With a sense of defiance, synth-pop with imploding grooves, it’s always a surprise to learn that this is simply a duo, multi-instrumentalists, Andrew Hodson and Steve Jefferis. They do however feature the talent of some understandable musicians, adding more of a female voice to their LP.

With a synth-led, modern sound, Flight of Ideas is aptly titled. Interjecting these grooves with some warmth and the vocals of Emma Pollock and Rozi Plain add further layers to the meaning and discourse within the tracks. Openly encouraging these featured artists to perform in a loose, free manner, this challenges any perceptions of Warm Digits honing their sound.

I’m Ok, You’re Okay is the first to strike a real stand-out chord, with a safe repetitive sound, that immerses off and peters out, with no vocals. Shake the Wheels Off featuring The Orielles has a real Vegan Leather sound to it, fun with a euphoric chorus that will see you singing along.

Everyone Nervous is a little down-tempo in comparison with the comfort of Rosalind Leyden’s vocals. Combining the talents of alt-folk musician Rozi Plain and the synth-pop of the duo, there is repetition and yet also resolution. The title track and closer, is a joyful build of layers, a song that will get you bopping as the album comes to an end, concluding it on a high note. Flight of Ideas is an experimental and varied LP, and yet with enough components to see that it is quite clearly a Warm Digitis record.

Flight of Ideas is available now, via Memphis Industries