Post Rome have a brand new track that was released titled Different Kids and are currently making huge local waves in their hometown at the moment. With this release The Fountain caught up with the lads about their sinlge in more depth, and their plans for 2020.

TF: You have a new single out, what inspired you to title it Different Kids?

We titled the song Different Kids because it’s inclusive. We want to address every different kid out there when we say please just be honest with everyone around you. It’s also literally the first two words you hear on the track, it made sense to us.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

In your face bombastic, rainbow tangy chew straws. (The nice ones from lidl).

TF: Who do you look to and idolise when it comes to influences? 

We all have different idols that likely influence us for each different song. We like Field music, Talking Heads, Kings of Leon when we’re writing quite rocky.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, after this single release, can we look forward to an EP, LP?

Our plan for the remainder of the year was immediately affected by this Pandemic. We hope everyone is resting well, pulling through and staying safe during this frightening and emotional time. Once this blows over we’ll be getting into the studio straight away to get our next single out. No EPS or LPS this year from us, just as many singles as we can get out so there’s a wealth of material for everyone to invest in.