Kevin P. Gilday and The Glasgow Cross have recently released new single, A Sensitive Man, which takes apart the tropes of modern masculinity. An anti-lad anthem built around a riff from Ralph Hector, it reappropriates the energy of an indie-club hit and instead turns it into a personal plea to accept the various multitudes of yourself. Kevin and Ralph spoke with The Fountain about the new sinlge and what we can look forward to from their new album release in May.

TF: You have a new single out, what inspired you to title it A Sensitive Man?

Sensitivity has been a recurring theme in my life – ever since I was a child my emotional reactions to the world would be explained away by people saying ‘he’s just sensitive’. This song is all about embracing that sensitive outlook on the world, seeing it as a strength rather than a weakness. Sensitivity is often something at odds with masculinity so it felt important to address that in my own words, within my own experience. The song takes the piss out of those big masculine tropes while acting as a rallying call for a bit of self love – something I think we can all use right now amid the current shitshow of humanity.

TF: How would you sum it up in one sentence?

The ultimate anti-lad anthem.

TF: What has the reception been like to this track?

It’s been great. We’ve received national airplay, been made single of the week at various publications, been added to some amazing new music playlists – all the things you want to get the song out there. But on top of the industry response there’s been loads of really moving personal responses too. People getting in touch to say how much they love the track and how the message of accepting your sensitivity (and inherent femininity) has really resonated with them, particularly some older guys who have had their lives shaped by toxic masculinity and are beginning to rediscover themselves in this brave new world of self love and compassion.

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, I see you have an LP release in May?

Yeah, A Sensitive Man is the first single from the new album. It’s called Pure Concrete and it’ll be out on the 29th May on Iffy Folk Records. Obviously our touring plans have had to be put on hold due to everything that’s going on, which is a massive shame because we’d organised some amazing launch shows in Glasgow and London amongst other places – but we’re all in the same boat at the moment so we’ll need to wait until it’s safe to reschedule. After the album we’ll have another couple of singles and maybe an EP, we’re definitely on a creative streak and want to keep our momentum.

TF: Can we look forward to a streamed gig to promote the new work? (feels weird to ask this like it is normal now)

We’re hoping to be back in the same room together soon, when that happens we’ll certainly be organising a gig to stream out for everything. In the time being we’re going to be exploring all the amazing technology we have in order to create new content and share our work with as many people as possible.