MINT are a band with a strong climate change message in their most recent release, Goodbye Beautiful. The Grimsby-based four-piece speak with The Fountain about the new track and the response it has received thus far.

TF: You have a new single out, what reception have you had thus far?

It’s been sick so far! We was kinda scared to put something out so preachy and heavy but in the end we kinda thought “f**k it, it’s kind of our duty as artists (in the least lame way) to make people aware of what’s actually going on, on Earth”

TF: How would you sum up Goodbye Beautiful in one sentence?

Errrrm.. the inevitable antidote against the evil powers of the planet. Either use that or “really bloody ace”. Either one describes it accurately.

TF: And who did you work with on this video, what inspired this one?

We worked with some huge names in the environmentally conscious industry! We have the big green men at the top as well as journalists and documentaries giving us all of their support and even footage to use in the video. It’s been an honour to be the band to carry that kind of mutual message to the people I guess! 

TF: Will you be performing the track live anytime soon, it would be great to hear it in that format?

We already have been. We kind of debuted it live first, we generally work better that way as we can gauge what really gets people’s feet moving. But the reception live from it was always positive and a few people recognised the chorus and it was always an excuse for people to come see us at the merch desk! 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, some more single releases, an EP?

We have some amazing noises and plans for 2020. But I don’t wanna spoil the surprise. But we are working with celebrities on visual stuff. We are planning with other artists and we are obviously gonna do a pretty little run of festivals. But this year we said we wanna really accomplish things in the studio as opposed to living on the road. We spend months on end playing gigs and festivals. This year we wanna write things that enable us to be less of a DIY band I guess!