Seven Red Lions are an alternative indie rock band. The members from different parts of the world found each other in London, sharing the same love and dream for music, they started this project in 2015. They have just released new single, Citizen, so David, Sara and Christopher spoke with The Fountain about the track, their plans for the year and their Photography Project.

TF: You recently had a single release, what has the reception been like?

That’s right, Citizen, it’s our latest single and it has been our best track recorded and the more streamed one on our Spotify. The people loved it and we have great feedback so far. We are happy for the results, this encourages us to move forward.

TF: And how would you sum up Citizen in one sentence?

Citizen brings a positive message, with encouragement, hope, and freedom to move forward in everyday life.

TF: And can you tell us about the Photography Project?

For the artwork of the single, we worked with photographer Sop Rodchenvko, so we decided to create alternative covers. For this session, we picked twelve Londoners and he asked them to share with us some stories of their life in London, inspired by their stories we build up the session… Feelings like happiness, anger, sorrow, empowerment and more were projected on these photos and honestly, the result is fantastic… We invite you to visit our social media by searching Seven Red Lions band and confirm for yourself.

TF: And are you working towards the release of an album?

We are working on some new music which hopefully will be part of our first studio album recorded this year.

TF: What else is on the cards for Seven Red Lions, can we expect a gig in Scotland soon?

The official video of Citizen will come out next month, stay tuned because it’s an amazing project that we have been working with Londonfilmmakers.

We would love to play in Scotland, so if there’s anyone out there that can help us to get a gig, we will be super thankful. We will be back on the road for our first gig of this year at Dublin Castle (Camden) on the 3rd of May, we invite everyone to join us.