For the first time, descending on Britain having already conquered the flourishing Spanish music scene, the acclaimed Spanish alternative soul outfit Morgan announce their inaugural UK focused single, Another Road which will be released on February 21st 2020. With an unveiling in London and this new track, The Fountain caught up with Morgan to discuss plans for 2020.

TF: You’re releasing your UK focused single, Another Road later this month. What has spurred you to export your music to the British scene?

Well, we make music in English and most of our influences come from there, so its only natural that we like to show what we do in the UK.

TF: How would you sum up your music in one sentence?

We make pop/rock songs but we try to create different ambients to tell the story properly, with is always the priority, and we never know where that is going to take us… I guess it’s a mixture of every member’s ideas of how we see the message of every song. That´s two sentences, actually.

TF: Who are your favourite British artists/bands?

Clapton, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse, Deep Purple, Beatles, Radiohead, and so on…

TF: You’ll soon be unveiling Another Road at a special showcase at London’s Colours venue in Hoxton. Are you excited to properly introduce your music to British fans?

Totally, it’s very exciting, it’s an amazing chance to be able to show our music to people who grew up with the bands that we also love and that made us do what we do, and see if they enjoy it. Exciting and challenging.

TF: Although Morgan are already established in your home nation of Spain, does it feel like you’re starting afresh as a completely new artist in Britain?

Absolutely, it feels like we are starting all over again as a band and we know it’s a lot of work and that we don’t know how it’s gonna turn up, but we believe that we can create something beautiful there and we are going to enjoy the process very much.

TF: Apart from Colours, do you have plans to play any other shows soon?

No, actually for us it’s like our last show from the tour. Although, we´re always changing plans, so you never know.

TF: What else can we expect from Morgan in 2020?

We’d like to write our third album, so 2020 is for rehearsing, composing and having fun with the new tunes. We made and record our second album during the first album´s tour, so it’s nice to have time and perspective to create this one. Let´s see what happens.