With an album release imminent and a launch gig at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow-based band Mhenwhar Huws spoke with The Fountain about their exciting plans for 2020. They spoke about their vast line-up to promote the album and their busy year.

TF: You have a new album out, can you elaborate on what we can expect?

The album was recorded in Kinningpark Complex in Glasgow, an old school building that functions as a Community hub and artist’s studios. It was recorded by Stevie Jones in his studio space in Feb 2018 and we recorded a mix of both acoustic and amplified improvised pieces. It’s a blend of creaking new-classical sounds, electronic and acoustic drones as well as some melodic moments in amongst it all. It’s an album that requires a lot of active listening.

TF : What reception has it had so far?

The release date is 4th of March so we are just starting to plug it to reviewers and radio. But we just had a review published in The List, which was our first ever review!

TF: Will you be performing the tracks live anytime soon, it would be great to hear it in that format?

The album was fully improvised so we’d probably struggle to recreate what we recorded haha! When we recorded the album it’s the same set up as improvising live.

We have our launch event booked at The Old Hairdressers (Glasgow) and will be joined by Jer Reid & Stevie Jones duo, Scott Morrison, Semay Wu & Elena Inei Trio, Herschel 36 and Clelia Ciardulli (DJ). Will be a great night!  We will have Steven Anderson, a painter and performance artist, joining us on stage who is recorded on one of the tracks on the album singing out a text based on the Rebecca Riots, a Welsh political legend.

TF: How do you personally find the Glasgow crowd to perform to?

We’ve been playing now in the underground scene in Glasgow for three years and it’s a very friendly and supportive scene with a really active and interested audience. We run a sometimes-monthly event called ‘1.5 Months‘ which is showcasing experimental performance work (music, dance, poetry etc) so we’ve been trying to give audiences something interesting and different every time and always enjoy chatting to the folk that come along.

TF: What else do you have in store for 2020?

It’s going to be a really interesting year for us; We’re playing a gallery space in Partick (Glasgow) in March, a Fundraiser at Glad Cafe in Shawlands (Glasgow) for our rehearsal room at The Space as well as a show at Leith Depot (Edinburgh) on the 26th of April as part of a Fuzzbat weekender.

We’ll be recording new material at Anchor Lane studios for an album we are hoping to release in September. We are also gearing up for another small UK tour hopefully during this summer!