King Kartel have released their brand new single Be Mine, out 7th February. In celebration of the track, the band will also play a single launch party at Manchester’s Club Academy on 6th March, but more relevantly they are also performing at Stag & Dagger in Glasgow this year. The band spoke with The Fountain about their uncertainty of their plans for 2020 and more about the track.

TF: You have a new single out, what reception have you had thus far?

We do. Be Mine came out Friday there. It seems to be going down alright so far. We’ve had quality reviews, messages and comments coming in. It feels like there’s more coming but it’s early days yet as it’s only out, so let’s see what else comes from it.

TF: How would you sum up Be Mine in one sentence?

It’s a sugary, syrupy, doo wop, ditty, hook laden, love story for the ages, swooned in 50’s magic you can slow dance with your honey to, that Elvis himself would be proud of.

TF: Will you be performing the track live anytime in Scotland soon, it would be great to hear it in that format?

We will be playing on This Feeling stage at Stag & Dagger Festival in Glasgow. As far as I know it’s on the Sunday. We’re looking forward to getting back up the road. We love Scotland. Everyone is mental. It’s class. We’re a wee bit gutted the government has decided to change the May bank holiday from the Monday to the Friday but i’m sure we’ll find a way to make it a big night. 

TF: What is your plan for the remainder of the year, some more single releases, an EP?

I’m not 100% sure at the minute. We have a few more singles ready and we were meant to release an EP before Be Mine but with it being a ballad it just seemed fitting to get it out around this time of year and leave the bangers for when the summers in sight. We’ll make a plan soon and if you make it to Stag and Dagger we’ll tell you 🙂