The SAMAs are coming back to Paisley yet again this year for their Paisley Takeover, which has a headlining concluding set from Dundee-based, singer/songwriter, Andrew Wasylyk. The Fountain caught up with Andrew to discuss what Paisley can look forward to from his set.

TF: You are performing at the SAMA’s Paisley Takeover, that must be exciting? 

I’m very much looking forward to it. Previously, I’ve been performing with an eight or nine-piece ensemble which is quite a luxury, but this will be a trio show with visual accompaniment. It’ll provide an opportunity to be a little more intimate with the arrangements and explore certain elements in different ways, which is always enjoyable. 

TF: And have you performed in Paisley before, how do you find the crowd?

Yes, a few time over the years in various guises; Paisley Abbey, the Town Hall and the Arts Centre. Mostly, during the excellent Spree Festival. Personally, I found the audiences professional and generous.

TF: And what connection do you have with the SAMAs, how do you value them as part of the Scottish music scene?

SAMA seem to be doing a pretty tireless job highlighting new artists across the country. I’d hope framework that provides positive interaction for musicians and audiences in all our too often isolated days would receive the same encouragement and positivity that it offers others. 

TF: Any personal highlights from rest of the line-up that you are looking forward to seeing? 

I live in Dundee, so I’m not sure that I’ll catch any of the other nights. However, I am performing with composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Ela Orleans who I think is a fantastic. I can’t wait to see her play.

TF: What is next on the cards for yourself, EP, album, tour, what can we look forward to?

When it comes to plans I’ve got a knack for the pessimistic, but there has been a wind in my sails recently and new ground’s being covered. I’m curious as to where it might lead me. 

For more information and tickets to the Takeover on 13th and 14th March 2020 click here