Alternative duo Air Circus are Reading-born artists and producers Adam Adrian and Dan Follant. After a few impromptu jam sessions in fluorescently lit kitchens and a shared love for field recordings, the pair knew that they were destined to work together on musical tunes. With Adrian’s solo debut EP Messages From the First Fleet,released inlate 2018, the two knew it was time to get things rolling again, but this time as a fully formed duo. With Fly Boy out, The Fountain caught up with the band to discuss their plans for 2020.

TF: You recently had a single release, what has the reception been like?

Reception on Fly Boy has been really great! It’s a different, more electronic sound to our previous EP’s and singles, but people seem to really be enjoying the shift, while it still retains some good Air Circus randomness. We will definitely be experimenting with these kind of sounds for future tracks!

TF: And how would you sum up Fly Boy in one sentence?

An electronic buzz bop that follows the life span of a fly, all the way through to its reincarnation.

TF: And are you working towards the release of an album?

We are planning on releasing a few singles throughout this year, and possibly a couple of EP’s as well….but who knows, we may get a buzz and put together a full length album towards the end of the year! We would realllyyy love that!

TF: What else is on the cards for Air Circus, can we expect a gig in Scotland soon? 

That would be wonderful to gig in Scotland, we’d love to! Currently we are working on finishing and polishing all of our songs we recorded last year, then hopefully focus more on gigging!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

Well we’d have to say that it was a magical moment of playing an impromptu version of Days Like Yesterday at Reading’s Global Cafe that has to be our best so far. We got together with a couple of musicians there and had a pan flute, cajon, piano and guitar version of the tune, with a great bunch of solos from everyone! It was really great to share the stage with other really great musicians and put a new lease of life to the tune.