Tim Baker from renowned Canadian band Hey Rosetta! is presently touring the UK with some key solo tour dates. His debut critically acclaimed solo album Forever Overhead was released in 2019, followed by a solo single and EP The Eighteenth Hole. Tim spoke with The Fountain about the new EP and his plans fo the new year.

TF: You recently released an album and EP – what has the reception been like? 

The reception has, honestly, been pretty marvellous. I didn’t have much on which to build any expectation, never having released anything other than Hey Rosetta! records before. And it’s still, even with all of the digital metrics of the day, still sort of hard to tell how something has been received. But from what I can tell, on the ground, and in the social network ether, people are very into it, happy for it, and it’s meant a lot.

TF: And how would you sum them up in one sentence?

Okay – I think at its core, my music is what one might call “singer-songwriter”, which is a genre I like alot because it says almost nothing, other than the fact that perhaps the lyrics are important and the songs tend toward the sparse and intimate, but this record is also quite dynamic and joyful, with this sophisticated and breezy band that glues together horns and strings and experimental textures and voices and that I love so much. I think thats officially one sentence…

TF: And are you working towards the release of a new album?

When not on tour, writing and recording music is the main end towards which I bend my will, and, while its been a busy year, I will very soon have the songs for the next album, which we’ll be recording in the spring. 

TF: What else is on the cards for Tim Baker, can we expect a gig in Scotland when you next tour ?

I’m a little crushed we aren’t getting North on this run. But yes I plan to come back in the Fall, with the record done, with the full band, and do a more thorough run all the way around. 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

Over Christmas my partner and I recently played a tiny, thousand year-old, catholic chapel in her hometown in central Portugal, and that was pretty magical. Thats definitely been the most memorable of this European run thus far.