After releasing her debut single at the end of last year, Tiberius B, the musical moniker and new project of Canadian singer-songwriter Francesca Belcourt, is sharing their new video for No Smoke. She said that the video “started out as an idea that drew on my adolescent memories of creating faux music videos on friends’ laptops. There is a beauty in that the song speaks to feeling utterly alone, thus the unification of all my friends echoing the words separately together was healing for me to behold.” The Fountain caught up with her to discuss the video and further plans for 2020.

TF: You have a new video out, an exciting way to kick off 2020? What has been the reception been like to No Smoke, can you elaborate on the track? 

People have engaged with me about No Smoke much more than I expected, which is sick. I’ve had so much lovely feedback from people of all different ages and backgrounds which makes me feel proud of writing something that resonates with lots of people. Particularly surprising was my dad being really into it, as he never really got into my music before. It’s interesting to think of his perspective of making somebody and hearing that someone make something that makes sense to him emotionally.

TF: And can we expect an EP or LP anytime soon?

There is an albums worth of songs to come, yes… hoping to release another single from that collection soon.

TF: Can we also look forward to a tour or a Scottish gig soon to promote te new release? 

I would love so much to come to Scotland, do you know anyone who would book me??? I grew up in rural Canada and I think going to Scotland would help ease my homesickness for epic landscapes and harsh weather.

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date?  

I supported Sean Nicholas savage in London recently and that gig was so beautiful because it was in a church. I honestly felt afterwards that I would be so much happier as an artist if I only ever played gigs at church’s. It was energetically astounding and inspired my performance immensely. I grew up in a very atheist family so my curiosity and fascination of these spaces has made me kind of obsessed with demons, angels and churches in recent years.