Hold Me Up announces the return of Glasgow trio Mitchell Museum, who invite you to download the track for free to whet your appetite for their new album Skinny Tricks, due out via Scottish Fiction on Friday 15th May 2020 on gatefold vinyl, CD, and digital download. With the new track, label and album, Mitchell Museum spoke with The Fountain about their exciting plans for 2020.

TF: You have a new single out, an exciting way to kick off 2020?

It is exciting isn’t! Friday 24th January had us releasing a new song called Hold Me Up into the wild and on Feb 29th we’ll be bringing out our first new single. Hold Me Up isn’t intended as a single, it’s more of a taste of what our new album’s going to be like…but it’s not on the album. It was written and recorded at the same time as all the other songs but it was always intended to be a bonus track. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that bands will release 3 or 4 tracks that are on a new album before the album’s released. I tend to keep listening to those songs over and over again before the new album comes out and I find that by the time the album’s released I’ve played those songs to death and I don’t enjoy them as much quite as much anymore. We wanted to address that issue by creating a song that has the same feel as everything on our new album whilst making sure that it was a stand alone track.

TF: And what has been the reception been like to Hold Me Up, can you elaborate on the track?

Up until now people have only heard us play Hold Me Up live but it’s one of the tracks that people have been coming up to us and telling us that they really like. The song is about a recurring nightmare that I used to have. The person wasn’t coping very well in real life and in the dream I had to watch them repeatedly die…in a kind of grim Groundhog Day type way. In one of the dreams I had I remember the person saying to me “Hold Me Up before I take you down” and after that I wrote the song…. cheery stuff. I should say that this person is well and healthy now and I don’t have the dream anymore.

TF: Where did your name Mitchell Museum come from, is it to voice you are from Glasgow?

It came from us struggling to find a name for the band. We’d exhausted a whole load of names that we weren’t happy with. We were close to be called They Came Back From The Dead but we were sitting in a pub and saw a poster for an exhibition that was being held in the Mitchell Library. We considered calling ourselves Mitchell Library but changed it to Mitchell Museum at the last minute because we liked the way that looked written down more.

TF: Can we also look forward to a tour or a Scottish gig soon to promote the new release?

Hopefully, we’re looking into that at the moment. We know that we’ll definitely be playing launch gigs in May when the album comes out.

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date?

We once played a gig at the Latitude festival. That was a really brilliant gig. The weather was great, the sound through the PA was incredible, people were singing and dancing to our songs and it was just a really amazing time.