Marco DeLiso is a Cambridge, Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer who uses his music as a tool for expressing a common language. In his latest work, Marco DeLiso presents Balance, a four-track EP which he believes contains insight that will benefit others. This comes out in February but he has already released single, And We Fall from the EP, which The Fountain caught up with him about.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been like?

I have been slowly assembling this song for about 4 years now to get it into its final studio form. Although I have played it out at many shows over this period, a lot of this effort has been exerted on my own without any reactions. Now that it is released, it feels like all of the efforts are being recognised as it resonates with both my friends and new listeners around the world. I think that it is a relatable song, and am glad that it has started many conversations about what personal changes are possible. 

TF: And how would you sum up And We Fall in one sentence?

And We Fall is a story about personal improvement which for me has largely been a process of burying my ego to get out of my own way.

TF: And are you working towards the release of an album or EP?

Yes. And We Fall is first single on the Balance EP, which has 4 songs and is scheduled to release fully in February.

TF: What else is on the cards for Marco DeLiso, can we expect a gig in Scotland soon?

Just trying to live a good life. I would love that. My mom’s maiden name is McGee and our family traces back to Scotland. I have always wanted to visit and doing a gig there would be so cool.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Tough question! I’ve played hundreds of gigs over these last 10 years. I would say my favorite so far was last March. I hosted a party called the Celebration of Freedom in Cambridge, MA to commemorate the clearance of my student loan debt. I rented out a yoga studio, invited friends from many different stages of life, and we did a show of the hip hop EP which has the song Student Loan Trap. Both my brother and mother attended, which was special for me, and my mother even sang a song!