No More Time is a new track which will be dropped by Lisa Kowalski on 31st January, which was written about 2 years ago but its release was delayed by Lisa’s mental health break earlier in 2019. The song is about one of the experiences that triggered her depression, a very toxic relationship which she took her time to extricate herself from. With the Paisley artist releasing the track at the end of the month, The Fountain caught up with Lisa to discuss the single in more depth.

TF: You have a new single out, that must be exciting?

It’s super exciting! I have never been this excited to release a single before. I’m very proud of myself for working so hard on it as I love the way it sounds and I hope that everyone else does/will too!

TF: And what has been the reception been like to No More Time, can you elaborate on the single?

It isn’t out just yet but I’ve sent it to some people for reviews and radio play and it has had such an amazing response so far which is a huge breath of relief. This song is very different to all my previous songs as it’s a lot more punchy so I was a little nervous people wouldn’t like it as much but they do, which is great! I also think this song has an important message. I wrote it about a toxic relationship with someone very manipulative and, now that time has passed, I think the song can relate to just leaving behind the negative people/emotions/habits and recognising what you deserve and what you’re worth.

TF: And can we look forward to an EP or LP from you soon?

Fingers crossed! Right now I’m focusing on No More Time and moving to Tilburg to study there for a few months. I plan to record more music when I’m back and I’m super excited for it so hopefully a new EP will be out by 2021! I have so much music I’m very eager to record and release so an album would also be cool but I think I’ll need to see if people would want that when I move back to Paisley!

TF: And I see you are launching it on the same evening, what can we expect from that event? 

It’s my last performance in Scotland for five months so it had to be special. It’s in CC’s Paisley which is not only in my hometown, but also where I launched my first EP! And I have Liv Dawn, who is such an incredibly talented songwriter and singer, supporting me and I’ve known her for years so it’s great to have a good friend in support. I’ll be performing with my electric guitar for the first time and playing some new material too! To find out what else to expect you’ll have to buy tickets for the gig though, haha.

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date?  

That’s a hard one. For me, I find that it isn’t the amount of people you perform to that’s important but how intently they listen and appreciate and their reaction to the music. My headline show at King Tut’s on my 18th birthday in February 2018 was really really special to me and felt like the perfect birthday present and celebration. James Grant agreed to turn up as a surprise guest and play along to a couple of my songs, as we wrote one of them together as part of a Create Paisley youth songwriting event at the Spree in 2016.   

I also found the recent Songwriter’s Uncovered Series’ hosted by Shelagh McKay at the Beacon Arts Centre Greenock to be amazing as I was in a line up with four other songwriters, all explaining how we write, what we write about, and playing our music and appreciating each other.

Lisa Kowalski launches her new single on 31st January at CCs in Paisley