Foil Arms and Hog are Sean Finegan (Foil), Conor McKenna (Arms) and Sean Flanagan (Hog), who met at University College Dublin while studying architecture, engineering and genetics, and decided to give all that up to pursue the noble art of being downright silly, yet observational, yet sometimes very topical and refreshingly philosophical. On tour this year with show, Swines, The Fountain caught up with the trio to discuss the show and their highlights on the tour.

TF: You are embarking on a tour, which includes Aberdeen and Glasgow, that’s exciting? 

Yeah it’s really exciting. We’ve never been to Aberdeen before, and have no idea what to expect. Everyone in Glasgow has been telling us Aberdeen is s**t, but they also tell us that Edinburgh is s**t too. While the people in Edinburgh agree that Aberdeen is s**t but Edinburgh is lovely and Glasgow is in fact, also s**t. So we’re going to try to go with an open mind, we expect Aberdeen is lovely and that everyone there thinks Edinburgh and Glasgow are both s**t.

TF: And what can your audience expect from your tour, more of what can be found on Youtube?

No it’s totally different to what we put up on YouTube, quite a bit crazier. It’s so much harder to write for stage so we have to put way more effort in. We’re also more experienced on stage than on camera. We’ve been performing live together for 12 years, the videos are only a relatively recent addition. We think the stage show is way better.

TF: And where are you all personally looking forward to touring yourselves, any personal highlights on there?

Honestly, we’re really looking forward to Aberdeen. People have been asking us to come there for years and the tickets are selling fast so hopefully it’ll be a really fun show.

TF: What else is on the cards for Foil Arms & Hog? 

Between making a new video every week and the touring we haven’t had much time for anything else really.

Foil Arms & Hog perform Swines at Glasgow’s Kings Theatre on Sunday 23rd February and Aberdeen’s Music Hall on Monday 24th February 2020. For info and tickets click here