This December sees the return of Nordic duo, When ‘Airy Met Fairy (WAMF) with their glacial Christmas single, Blanket of Sorrow – the first song from their upcoming second album, which will be out Spring 2020 via Berlin based label – Motor. The band, Thorunn Egilsdottir and Mike Koster, spoke with The Fountain about their new single as well as their plans for 2020.

TF: You have a new single out, Blanket of Sorrow, what can we expect from this release? 

Mike: We can’t really tell you as we never expect anything from our songs, nor our listeners. I guess most musicians feel like this. 

Thorunn: We create, put the song out there in the world –  and appreciate every pair of ears that want to listen to our music.  

TF: And how would you sum up the track in one sentence?

Thorunn: It’s about lost love, I think people can relate to that feeling. We want the song to belong to the ones that listen to it. 

Mike: Someone recently wrote that we have created a song full of sincerity, without the falseness and cheesiness of songs that are usually released in December. Statements like these make us happy. 

Thorunn: Even though our song is so sad. 

TF: And are you working towards the release of an album or EP?

Thorunn: Yes absolutely. We are releasing our album in 2020. We recorded in Mike’s empty apartment and are looking forward to seeing how the world will respond to it. The engineer who mastered the album says it’s “perfect imperfection”. 

Mike: Our label is planning our release as we speak. 

TF: What else is on the cards for When ‘Airy Met Fairy (great name btw), can we expect a gig in Scotland soon? 

Mike: Thank you (for thinking it’s a great name). We know we are touring in autumn 2020. We love Scotland and cannot wait to come to play here in the near future. You have the best musicians in the world – and the loveliest people with a mesmerizing landscape. 

Thorunn: I got married in Scotland that’s how much I love this country! It reminds me of home. I feel close to the Scots. 

TF: What has been your favorite gig to date? 

Thorunn: That has got to be The Great Escape. The crowd were so welcoming.  I still have goosebumps.

Mike: Iceland Airwaves was amazing too. As well as our second tour in Japan. There was this woman that drove 500 km to see us two nights in a row. The Japanese audience has this pure love for music and I admire that. We are glad that we can be part of something so strong. That’s why we do this.