The Ninth Wave joins a mega line-up filling the programme for Edinburgh’s Street Party seeing in the new decade, 2020. Marc Almond, Idlewild, the Snuts will all be part of Ed Hogmanay this year along with Haydn Park-Patterson and Amelia Kidd, adding a vibrant atmosphere. The Fountain caught up with the band to discuss their excitement with being part and their plans for the new year.

TF: You are in the Ed Hogmanay Street Party line up, which includes Marc Almond and Idlewild, that’s exciting?

Super exciting for us ! I grew up with my mum blasting Marc Almond through the house so his songs are deep rooted in me. We recorded some bits and pieces of our album with Rod Jones from Idlewild and it’s great to be involved with a Scottish band that’s done so many inspiring things! 

TF: And what can the audience expect from your gig, for those that have not seen you live?

Lots of sweat, lots of spit, lots of synths!

TF: And are there any in the line up you are looking forward to, any personal highlights on there?

Apart from Marc Almond, I have a soft spot for Marc Ronson for creating some of the finest pop songs around, I will be eagerly awaiting the moment he plays Nothing Breaks Like A Heart

TF: What else is on the cards for the Ninth Wave, it’s been quite the year for you? 

Got a lot of things planned for the new year, just got to keep writing! Back in Edinburgh on Jan 31st for a headline show in Summerhall, last time we played there we were supporting Pussy Riot so we’re really excited to go back. We’re celebrating the end of our album Infancy with a run of Scottish dates in March, so will be playing Dundee, Aberdeen & Glasgow on the 23 / 24 / 25 of March, going to be a great send off. 

For more information on the Ed Hogmanay line-up and tickets click here.