Rändi Fay just released her new single Lone Wolf, the first from her upcoming album Intuition that’s set to drop on Feb 20. The song conjures the electricity of new romance while tackling the fear of vulnerability and the challenge of building trust as the relationship shifts from infatuation to love. The Fountain caught up with Rändi to discuss the single, the soon-to-be-released album and her plans for next year.

TF: You have a new LP out next year, that must be exciting?

I am super excited for the release of Intuition in February. My co-writer and producer Aaron Zinsmeister and I have been working on these eleven songs for over two years! I came up with the idea of writing a concept album, and we have been working ferociously on the content and production, developing our synth based “symphonic electronica” sound, honing lyrics, instrumentation and performance so that each song can stand on its own but also fit seamlessly into the whole. We have even had to re-record my vocals on three of the songs because in the two years my skill set has improved so much! But two years is a long time and these songs need to be released…

TF: And what has been the reception been like to Lone Wolf, interesting title?

People are amazed at Lone Wolf-the song, the style, the video. I have been known as a jazz artist and most of my work has been acoustic in nature, so switching to electronica has many people scratching their heads. I released a Christmas EP in 2017 (Evergreen – you have to check it out!! Scottish blood will LOVE the title track!) as we began to dive into the soundscape that electronica allowed. Though some friends, family and fans remained skeptical, everyone is now getting his or her first full taste of it, and the feedback has been so good! The symphonic orchestration, the earthy vibe, the range of emotion—intimate to epic—suits everything that is in my heart to say! So much drama, and so much space to express it.

Lone Wolf is a great name, isn’t it? Very passionate, yet so reserved. You don’t know what a wolf is thinking as he scans the horizon, a pack animal with a solitary bent. I have great sensitivity about that place in a relationship where you are on the edge of such vulnerability and closeness, and despite chemistry still hold back-like a lone wolf, distancing him or herself from the perceived danger.

TF: And what can we expect from this album?

Intuition is kind of a “throw-back” project with a super-contemporary sound. It is a concept album – no one writes those anymore! Society demands singles, but we took a chance and crafted eleven songs, loosely weaving them around a contemporary love story, digging honestly and passionately into a spectrum of emotion: insecurity, temptation, lust, infatuation, enchantment, self-doubt, confusion, self-empowerment, self-awakening, tenderness, anticipation, frustration, depression, anger, disillusionment, yearning, regret, cherishing, devotion, ever-lasting love… The overriding story is one of discovery, and the courage needed to take the next step as we learn to love ourselves. Only then can we truly unconditionally love another.

A little more about our sound we are fully debuting in Intuition. Symphonic electronica draws elements from two potentially opposing genre: symphonic metal and electronically orchestrated soundtracks. The dramatic offerings of this blend fit my voice and image-driven lyrical composition well. Add in Aaron’s extensive keyboard and synth skills, his expressive melodies and captivating rhythms, and the result is very theatrical music, earthy and vibrant, allowing musical expression to match the complex emotion of the lyric.

Here are the song titles-just imagine where we can go with these ideas!

Firefly, Jezebel, Mystified, Uncaged, Serenity, Intuition, Lone Wolf, Melancholia, East of Pain, River of Time, Rise in Love

TF: Can we look forward to seeing you live soon, particularly here in Scotland?

I would LOVE to come to Scotland. My American perspective is that the Scottish people are so real! And then there is the entire mystical feel of the culture, the castles, the ghosts! And the stunning landscape. We could set one of our future videos on a loch or in a Scottish pine forest or on a misty heath. The drone footage and the vibe would be incredible! That would be a dream. I also think I need to visit BrewDog and get a taste of that “LoneWolf” gin… 🙂

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date?

I love any gig where I can connect. As a jazz artist, I have had my fill of being background music. It can be depleting, to be honest! But any gig, from intimate house concerts to those on bigger stages, is cool with me when the audience is engaged, the sound is crystalline, my players are in sync and the chemistry is electric!