London-based singer/songwriter Ollie Trevers studied at Leeds College of Music and ICMP. He started writing and performing music at fourteen years old, harbouring artistic aspirations from the very beginning. A veteran of the band circuit, Ollie released his first solo EP Saucy Naughty Rubbish in 2018. Stylistically, the record saw Ollie exploring a powerful and energetic blend of post-punk and classic rock. His musical direction has since evolved into the five songs you hear on his new EP Cordelia. The Fountain caught up with Ollie to discuss the EP in more depth.

TF: You have a new EP out, that must be exciting?

Yes it’s very exciting, especially as my sound has changed a lot since my first EP, so it’s nice to get the new style heard by everyone who doesn’t get to make it down to the gigs. It’s always a great thing to get new material out there, as the more you release, the more people show interest and actually start coming to your shows.

TF: And what has been the reception been like to Cordelia, can you elaborate on what inspired the crux of it?

The reception thus far has been pretty great, I’ve had loads of messages, many from people I don’t know saying that they love it, and I’ve had a lot of positive reviews as well, so yeah, in the short time it’s been out it’s doing really well.

As for what inspired Cordelia, I’d say it’s quite a varied mix of things, one being I wanted to go into a completely different realm of alternative rock from my first EP, but also to start writing about far more personal things than I had written about before. Cordelia is essentially a group of poems, which have collectively been inspired by my depression, my heartbreak and my…addictive personality shall we say. It’s not the happiest listening experience, but I do think it’s a beautiful one, and I’m really proud of it. I suppose the inspiration behind it as a whole is just life, and the things that we all end up going through.

TF: And how do you feel this differs from previous releases?

Well my previous release was called Saucy Naughty Rubbish, which was a postpunk EP based on sex, drugs and rock and roll. Whereas, as Cordelia is a folk, psychedelic, prog rock inspired EP, about love, depression and reality. So contextually and musically, they are fairly different. I’d also say that given the new style I’ve found in Cordelia; I am far more a singer songwriter now than the frontman of my own rock band. I am proud of my first EP, but I think Cordelia is better in so many ways.

TF: Can we look forward to seeing you live soon, touring with it anytime soon, particularly here in Scotland?

In the new year I have a lot of gigs planned all over London, I will be doing a North to South UK tour, so I will be gigging in Edinburgh and Glasgow hopefully! We’re also expecting to get on as many festivals as possible in the summer, as well as hopefully doing a European tour and a tour in Tennessee.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

That’s a very difficult question, I think it’s always the case that my favourite gig is the last gig I played (as long as there was a decent crowd), and I’ve been very lucky to have a lot of people come to see me and the band play. I don’t think I’ll ever have a favourite gig, as with each performance we are getting better and better, and that, along with a good audience, is what makes me happiest.