Scottish four-piece Dictator are excited to share their eclectic, immersive style of indie-electro as they released brand new single, Anthem For A Doomed Youth, which came out on 15th November. Having recently played their first sold out show at Glasgow’s Garage G2 supporting Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Theives, the West Lothian band are aiming to maintain their momentum, ending 2019 on a high. Michael from the band spoke with The Fountain about what plans they have in store for 2020.

TF: You have a new single out, that must be exciting?

Nice to meet you! It certainly is, our first ever release and we’re absolutely buzzing about it.

TF: And what has been the reception been like to Anthem for a Doomed Youth, can you elaborate on what inspired the crux of it? 

It’s always weird realising a tune, I suppose you always make music you enjoy listening to but you never know if people will just completely hate it. Luckily for us the reception so far has been great! The crux of the song is based around growing up and realising what a cesspit the world of politics is, the more you learn the more confusing and less human like it becomes. The lyrics for the chorus sum it up though, we’ve grown up and grown accustomed to the fact it’s a joke and that you’ve never really known anything different so we all just go along with it, we’re also in a new age where I think thanks to social media the younger generation are more engaged than ever so it kind of feels like we’re the ones with the world on our shoulders and it’s up to us to put the spine back into politics. In short it’s a three minute song on a nice non controversial subject, a good laugh really.

TF: And how do you feel this differs from previous releases?

Well luckily we’ve never released before so for us it’s a nice easy start going straight into politics as a vibe, wait until you hear the rest as we’re not even a political band!

TF: Can we look forward to seeing you live soon, touring with it anytime soon, particularly here in Scotland?  

So we’ve got some announcements coming up for 2020, keep your beady eyes on our socials, especially our Instagram as we reckon that’s the best platform to engage us, specifically if you hate us you can literally just message us telling us that, what a way to engage! But we’ll hopefully be coming to a venue near you, come see us and we’ll probably buy you a drink! 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We managed to sell out a venue called Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh early 2019 and it was awesome, it was basically us just putting a gig on for ourselves, it was an added bonus we had some fans turn up! Our mate is a DJ called Liam Doc (go check him out as it’ll not be long before you’ve heard of him and can’t get a ticket to see him anymore) but we got this big disco ball put in and he opened the night with a DJ set which was mental. My mum never really got the vibe but we were all loving it then we had our good friends from a band called Barbe Rousse go on before us and they’re immense live, like genuinely exciting to watch. Kind of felt like we forgot we were actually playing that night! At the end as well we hadn’t bet on getting that ol’ famous “wan mare choon” chant so I just came out and started singing The Drifters and everyone joined in, some buzz.