Seorsia Jack AKA Sia Babez is an Irish/Zimbabwean solo female artist, born in 2001 in Dublin, Ireland. Fast gaining a reputation in the music industry as being an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter, Sia has been working diligently on her new and upcoming EP and has just released new track Hit My Line. The Fountain caught up with Sia about her plans and the reception to this single.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far?

The reception for my debut song Hit My Line has been absolutely amazing. Over 200,000 streams in four and a half months, I’m absolutely over the moon. People send me videos of them listening to my Hit My Line all the time.

TF: With a title like Hit My Line, what can we expect from the single?

You can expect a lot of talk about social media and online contact because that’s what a lot of people can relate to these days. In the song I talk about how guys never know what they want and yet they still string you along by talking to you online.

TF: And what else can we look forward to this year, an EP, an album?  

Well I’ve released another single called Are You Ready, which is a more personal track. I’m planning on working on my catalog of songs throughout the next couple of months and then I’ll see what I do for the EP. I also have a gig coming up with Tebi Rex and I’m also in talks with other artists about opening for them too.

TF: And will you be promoting this single with a tour, will we have the pleasure of seeing you in Scotland soon?

I’d love to come to Scotland ASAP. I definitely wanna focus on putting out my best work first.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

My favourite gig has been my opening act for Jay Ronics headline show in Waterford. We really had a lot of fun at that gig.