Madee are finally set out to publish some still unreleased themes written in recent years, in addition to one that remained in the pipeline from 1998, when the music for Under the Sun was written. It’s a song that really sounds like the old Madee, but with a more youthful punch. Ramón Rodríguez, vocalist of the band, spoke with The Fountain about the new track.

TF: You have a new single out, that must be exciting?

Sure, last time we published new material was in 2014 so it’s still exciting to keep writing songs together.

TF: What has the reception been like to Under the Sun, can you elaborate on the track? 

Well, all our followers over the years seem to be happy about it, so we will keep putting out more songs monthly until april or may.

TF: Can we look forward to an EP or LP from you soon? 

The plan is record at least 8 or 9 new tracks, release one monthly and then put them all together on vinyl format in 2020.

TF: Can we look forward to seeing you live soon, particularly here in Scotland?

You never know, never played there so hopefully something comes up in the near future.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

There’s so many, maybe in 2004, when we premiered live Orion’s Belt in Barcelona, at a venue called L’Espai which no longer exists!