Denver-based singer-songwriter Portes is not afraid to go head to head with controversial societal topics in her latest single, Human. She uses herangelic, lullaby stylesinging to weave thoughtful, reflective lyrics into a striking song that implores the listener to unify and take action to improve human rights and global warming. The Fountain caught up with Portes to discuss the new single and her EP plans.

TF: You have a new single out, that must be exciting?

I’m very proud of Human. Plus, it features my sweet little boy. It’s so endearing to have him sing this song with me and he brings such an innocence to this global crisis. It’s a memory we will always have together. He’s also socially aware. The beauty of Human is that it touches on a myriad of things I care about as do so many others who care about these same issues. Some of it is also open to interpretation. I’m the only one who knows all the hidden meanings, but the listener can guess. 

TF: And what has the reception been like to Human, can you elaborate on the track?

My mum is so cute. She has shared the song with family, but also with her colleagues, many of whom are lawyers and it has been very well received. One of her friends expressed, “Wow!! How beautiful! Your daughter has so much talent! Amazing! Thanks for sending me this link. It is so inspiring.” While one of my closest friends posted, “I’m in awe of your creation. It’s so heartwarming to see what is so beautiful in you, recognized by others. You are so inspiring. I’m so happy for you.” I’m so grateful that it’s resonating with people. 

About the track itself, I especially love the layered vocals. Many vocals are doubled and the harmonies are soothing and transcendent. In my mind, it’s like a poem. I wanted the song to be open, expansive, and like a lullaby. I was going for a whole Enya vibe, which I think we really captured in this song. There are some neat Easter Eggs in the song, but I’ll let the listener find them.

TF: And can we look forward to an EP or LP from you soon? 

I’m working on final vocals for my next EP called National Anthems. It’s highly political and controversial against the Trump administration, NRA, and the lies and corruption in our US government. I’m beyond thrilled for this one. It’s angry, honest, and quite revealing. Think of this next album as the love child of Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine. You’re definitely going to want to check this one out too.

TF: Can we look forward to seeing you live soon, particularly here in Scotland? 

I certainly hope so. I don’t have any connections in Scotland yet, but I love travelling. As an anthropologist and a lover of culture, I want to soak up anywhere I travel and experience what the locals experience. I’ve actually travelled quite a bit. So, I’m open to a show in Scotland. Where’s a good place? Invite me and I’ll come. Please share your beautiful country with me.

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date?

I performed back in June at an eatery/bar near my home and I had a fellow musician come up to me saying that he was looking forward to me singing again. After my set, I blogged, “It was the first time I felt really comfortable in my skin performing. It was much easier. The crowd was engaged and dancing and cheering me on. I had good eye contact, smiled, performed with the gestures that I’ve been working on so I’d be more expressive singing. I even threw in my new song, Human. It’s a 6 minute song that I wanted to test out.”  I’d say that was a good performance for me.