Leicester-based alt-folk songwriter Martha Bean began her musical journey early – at the age of just three, she began writing melodies on the piano, but refused lessons from her mum (a piano teacher). She turned her hand to any instrument she could get hold of, which, growing up in a musical household, wasn’t too difficult. She has just released her new EP, Here Comes the Snowstorm, and spoke with The Fountain about this in more depth.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far?

I’ve been really happy with the response to the EP so far. Three of the songs have now made it onto Tom Robinson’s BBC Radio 6 show, which I’m genuinely surprised about! It’s been a long time in the making, so I’m really happy to finally share it with the world.

TF: What inspired the title Here Comes the Snowstorm, tell us more about the EP?

The title is a line taken from the second verse of the first song on the EP, Slippers To A Wedding. The song – like other tracks on the EP – is inspired by life’s inevitable highs, lows and unexpected quirks… in this case, being locked out of the house when the snow starts to fall. We all have moments like this, when things go a bit wrong. You can choose to laugh or cry. I’m probably doing a bit of both… haha.

TF: And is this you gearing up to an album that we can see the release of later in 2019 or in 2020?  

I’m currently writing new material but haven’t started recording yet… it may be a collection of singles, another EP or an album in 2020 – I haven’t quite decided yet! I will be sure to keep you posted on social media…

TF: Will you be promoting the single release with a tour at all, will we have the pleasure of seeing you here in Scotland?

I would have loved to do that – however I had a baby earlier this year, so touring has had to take a back seat for now. But when I can find a way to organise it, I’ll be up to Scotland to say hello!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

My debut album launch in my home town of Leicester back in 2014 at the Y Theatre was incredible. It was a full house (in a beautiful old Victorian theatre), and the most lovely audience. I’m so lucky to have such lovely fans!