L-space have released a digital AA single. Recorded earlier in the year with James Sanger (Dido, U2, Annie Lennox) I Never Knew / Tigers in the Street sees the band in a more reflective frame of mind. The Fountain caught up with Lily from the band to discuss the Double-A-side in more detail.

TF: You have a new Double-A-side out, that must be exciting?

Yes! We wrote the songs (Tigers in the Street and I Never Knew) in France with Producer James Sanger who has worked with artists such as Annie Lennox, Dido, Keane and The Manic Street Preachers. It was a totally new experience for us writing songs with someone else, and also writing the songs all together in one room! We usually piece it together remotely working individually, and over longer periods of time. This was getting together in a studio and writing a song in a day. It was fun but also challenging, so seeing them released ‘into the wild’ as a new style of song is exciting. It was also valuable to work with someone talented and experienced in the industry and be pushed to be better and try something new.

TF: And what has been the reception been like, can you elaborate on it?

The reception has been good! I did have concerns, as to me the songs sound quite different from what we usually do, but hearing that people enjoy them put me at ease.

TF: And can we look forward to an LP from you soon?

We are releasing an LP in 2020 that will be available to purchase and download in Feb, then available to stream in April. We have put a lot of work and time into it and are excited to see what people think and to see people enjoying it! There will be some unique and innovative ways people can buy the album. I can’t tell you many details of this yet so will let it remain a mystery…  

TF: Can you give us a few clues as to what to expect from this release in April? 

We feel like this album is a progression from the last. We have tried stripping back some of the many synth layers, trying some new instrument sounds and bringing the vocals more upfront. Our debut album, Kipple Arcadia, was very much looking into the further future and had more speculative fiction themes, but this one is more looking at the present and near future and has themes of late stage capitalism, and looking at the struggles and perspectives of our generation, such as feelings of powerlessness and exhaustion when you are embedded in unethical social and consumer systems. A couple of tracks relating to the collapse of society, but cheer up: they are also about the rebirth of new communities!

TF: And will there be fothcoming tour to coincide with this LP release?  

We have various shows and international trips that we have planned to promote the album, plus a unique launch event in April with Last Night From Glasgow. Think audio-visual, think cocktails, think… No the rest is a secret!