The ex-lead singer of Wild Beasts, Hayden Thorpe, is performing very soon in Glasgow’s Stereo, promoting album, Diviner. Hayden is coming to Glasgow on Monday, to perform to his Glasgow fans so The Fountain caught up with him about the crowd and what they can expect this coming Monday.

TF: You are performing in Glasgow Stereo, which must be quite a change for you from the venues you have previously played?

I have previously played all kinds of venues, be it a bar, be it an arena, the nature of the show is the same and the stage must be honoured with all the blood and guts of yourself.

TF: How does it compare, performing as Hayden as opposed to Wild Beasts?

The difference is the performance is within me, the spirit of it, the sound, the timing, all resides within so I have to summon it, get out of the way of myself and let it show up.

TF: And what can Wild Beasts fans expect from Hayden Thorpe, what kind of show can they look forward to?

The show is deliberately very minimal, it is myself, a piano, a sampler and my dear friend Christopher playing ambient guitar. It’s a show that relies on the song craft. I’m excited about creating softer spaces at the moment, an environment where I can just really sing for the audience. It’s very exposing at times but that exposure brings something valuable. The more I bare the better the show, but not in a hen do kind of way.

TF: And how do you find the Glasgow crowds, personally?

Warm, spirited, appreciative. Everything you’d want from a crowd really.

TF: You must have performed here many times before? 

Oh yeah plenty, over the course of 12 years a lot, I tend to travel up from the Lake District, that passage into Scotland is a personal ritual.

TF: And what has been your favourite gig to date, or is this too difficult a question?

I did a show there with the band in about 2014 and I mentioned the football which got me in hot water. Mercifully a true hero of mine, Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile had come down to the show, he was such a gentleman and helped remove my foot from my mouth.

Hayden Thorpe is performing in Glasgow’s Stereo on Monday 25th November