Songwriting trio Traveller have been working hard in the studio, relentlessly crafting their unique blend of Americana, Blues and Acoustic Rock. They released new single, Running, on 6th September and thus, The Fountain thought it was high time they caught up with them about their music and their plans for the year.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far?

The reception has been really positive and loads of people are liking the direction that the band have chosen to take which is great to hear.

TF: With a title like Running, what can we expect from the single? 

It sounds fast paced but it’s not too quick, the meaning behind the song is when your having a tough time and you feel like giving up, someone sees that you need help, they believe in you an that burst of life comes back and a voice inside you tells you to get up and keep going.

TF: And is the first from an EP or an album that we can see the release of later in 2019?  

The first single called Old Stories was our first single that we released back in August. Our debut album has twelve brand new tracks on it, we are just finalising all of that this month.

TF: Will you be promoting the single with a tour at all, will we have the pleasure of seeing you live? 

Our album launch night is on Saturday November 2nd  at the Counting House in Edinburgh, tickets can be purchased by going to This concert is our main focus just now but we’ve got some other exciting dates coming soon so please keep a look out for those!

TF: How did you all meet and form Traveller? 

Myself (Gerry) and Simon met at a party and not long after that we started writing songs together. We always knew that we would need to expand the band beyond just the two of us to capture that country/Americana edge to our sound. Both of us knew Brian from our past music ventures, he is an awesome Bass player. We invited him to come along one night to our rehearsal and he loved it!! From there on in we became known as Traveller and begun writing and performing lots.