Tom Fleming aka One True Pairing (formerly of the wonderful band Wild Beasts) is playing at Glasgow’s King Tuts on Monday 4th November. One True Pairing, self-titled, is an album shaped by class frustration and self-despair. There is also a continuation of the exploration of masculinity that made Wild Beasts so unique. Tom will be performing tracks from this new release, and spoke with The Fountain about the reception it has received as well as performing to a Glasgow crowd.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far? 

It’s been going well! I was never going to jump back in at the same level as my old band, but I think people are getting it, and listening to what I mean by it all. I thought this was a pretty straightforward record, but it seems I might have been wrong, I guess there’s a bit to unpack in it. Feels great to have it out, it needs time to get into people’s heads.

TF: And you have formed as One True Pairing for the release of this record, and the tour, who are One True Pairing?  

The name is something I can sit under and let it be whatever it’s going to be in the future, rather than it just being my name, I didn’t think that was particularly interesting. Live, there are two people onstage. Me at the front playing guitar and playing at being Springsteen, and my good friend Josh with some synths and drum machines. It’s like an electronic rock show. The Ket Shop Boys we call it.

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, when can we look forward to seeing you live? 

I’m touring the UK in the Autumn, and very much looking forward to it. King Tut’s! 

TF: Have you performed to a Glasgow crowd before, how do you find them? 

I always loved coming to Glasgow. I think you have to come a few times and show people you’re serious, Glasgow has quite enough going on between its own borders, so you have to make people care. Once that happens, you can pretty much guarantee a mad one, almost always an amazing audience. No dissonance between appreciating art and getting on it, which I approve of. One of the best cities in the world to be in.

Tom Fleming AKA One True Pairing is performing in Glasgow’s King Tuts on MOnday 4th November